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All CD's $10 to $18.00 each

Digital download $8.00 to $14.00 each


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"No Place Like Home"


Kirk McWhorter's "Back In The Day"

Collection of Christmas songs,

sung in the style of Sinatra, Crosby and more



"30 Seven 50"


Penny Whiskey's newest release!

Fan favorites & originals

in PW's irreverent impeccable style



"Back In The Day"


Music from the 30's, 40's, 50's and beyond

by Kirk McWhorter

(  <- the guy in the hat)



"All Mine Vol I"


A collection of Kirk's original work from 2001 to 2006




"All Mine Vol II"


The second volume of Kirk's original work from 2007 to 2013




"Too Dangerous"


Penny Whiskey taking their music to a new level

and thinking outside the box



"Stop Your Whining Two"

The second compilation of favorite songs
recorded by request of clamoring fans


"Tales of Ballyderue"


Travel through the fictional town  of Ballyderue, learning of the

people, their stories and their secrets. Over 74 minutes of original material,

29 tracks and over 30 guest musicians and vocalists including members of

The Dady Brothers, Kindred, The Leftovers, Reardon & Garvey, The Blarney Bunch and more!



"Stop Your Whining"


(...or a CD that was recorded in one day, with a bunch of

songs that people have been asking for that we just never

got around to recording until now!)



"A Very Whiskey Christmas"

Original and not-so-traditional Christmas songs, all infused

with our special Penny Whiskey single malt flavor!



"Half Corked"

Half live, half studio production of Penny Whiskey's songs,

from raucous to revealing.



"Size Doesn't Matter"


Celtic and bluegrass favorites!




"Misery Loves Company "


Kirk and Tim's collaborative project.

Traditional Irish tunes in the classic Irish misery style



"Expressions in Rhythm"

A collection of percussion only songs that are Kirk's
interpretations of people, places and events.
Perfect for chanting, dancing, celebration or meditation.

"Eye of the Storm"


Kirk's solo venture.

Original and traditional songs of the sea



"Brambleshire Wood"


one of Kirk's most popular solo albums.



Kilbrannan - "Bedlam Boys"



Kilbrannan - "Live at O'Lacy's"


Recorded in Batavia, NY



 Madd Hatter - Strangers in the Street


Big Hair band sound of the 80's





















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